GDQx Raises Over 100k For Charity


After three days of frame-perfect jumps, blindfolded Castlevania runs, unlucky RNG and video games of all genres, the first iteration of GDQx at TwitchCon has raised a total of $137,680 for charity. All the money raised over this event will be split between 10 different charities including To Write Love On Her ArmsDoctors Without Borders, and The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention.

As expected from an event running eight years, GDQx  brought together some of the best speed-runners around the US who offered detailed insights on what exactly they were trying to accomplish, frame-by-frame. Especially for those who like to take their gaming at a slower pace, hearing about the skills made to save mere seconds off the total time shows just how difficult these tricks can be and seeing this live with no second chances is nail-biting to say the least.

If you’ve missed out on this edition of Games Done Quick, you’ll only have to wait until January for another series of amazing speed-runs. Check out the schedule here and prepare yourself for an entire week of geeking out; maybe try a little speed-running in the meantime yourself?


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